3 Questions You Must Ask While Renting a Car

Renting a car can be stressful as you have to face paperwork and might even have a queue of people behind. So make sure you ask these questions at the rental counter to start to your trip smoothly.

When you’re at the rental counter, you don’t have to feel rushed. Make sure you take your time and ask any questions you have about the car hire. In case you’re concerned about something in particular like taking the car into another region, driving in snow or perhaps the security deposit is too high, you must sort things out at the beginning.

Renting a car creates some risks like you could cause an auto accident through negligence. Other risks involved are more subtle just like the rental agreement might transfer a substantial amount of liability from the rental agency to you.

Honestly, you might not be aware of the scope of liability until a claim is filed. Therefore, a few critical questions can help you identify some risks associated with rental cars. Once you get the satisfactory answers, make sure you ask the agent to help determine whether you have adequate coverage for losses that might occur or not. So let’s dive in;

What Exactly Does this Rental Car Insurance Cover?

Just set this as a rule of thumb for car rental. Before you purchase any place, make sure you ask about what it covers. A reputable car rental company would always provide you with four major types of coverage.

Collision Damage Insurance: It’s meant to repair or replace the rented car if there’s any loss, theft or even damage.

Liability Insurance: This will protect you from lawsuits that are often filed by other drivers for bodily injury or even property damage.

Personal Accident Insurance: This coverage pays the medical, ambulance & death benefits for you as well as the passengers.

Personal Affect Coverage: This cover is very much useful as it covers the theft of possessions from the rental cars.

Whose Name Appears on the Rental Agreement?

Inevitably, this question is important for two main reasons;

  • Your commercial auto policy covers rented cars by the named insured. So it means the person listed in the declarations. It doesn’t include cars rented unless an endorsement covers an individual’s hired autos.
  • Your auto policy might not cover a rental vehicle used in the driver’s employment. Your insurance agent will be of great help in determining what limitations exist in a specific policy.

Is the Driver Insured by a Personal Auto Policy Covering Rental Vehicles?

Some of the personal policies cover vehicles rented by the policyholder. Therefore, a personal policy might afford valuable backup coverage in case there’s no other liability insurance available to cover a claim. Don’t assume that your policy is going to cover claims arising from vehicles rented when you rent a car in Bahrain.

Besides, the policy might contain various “business use” exclusions as well. A personal policy doesn’t contain all of the coverage’s that include in commercial policy.

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