3 Types of Eye Drops to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition and must be treated before it gets worse. Some recommendations might help here.

In a condition like Dry eye syndrome, your tears aren’t able to provide enough lubrication for eyes. There could be many reasons behind this like it can be due to your eyes not producing the required amount of tears or perhaps the poor-quality tears. Either way, the dry eyes will feel uncomfortable. In case you are suffering from this, your eyes might feel sting or burn. Most of the affected people feel it more in certain conditions like in an airplane, air-condition room, while riding a bike or even while looking at the computer screen.

If you undergo the right treatment, it will make you feel comfortable. The general treatment includes eye drops and lifestyle changes. To control the symptoms of dry eyes, you will also need to take these measures indefinitely. Consequences of dry eye syndrome range from constant eye irritation to critical inflammation and even scarring on a front surface of the eye. Here’re a few recommendations for the eye specialist doctor that you must get along with in order to treat this condition. So let’s dive in;

  1. Artificial Tears

For those of you undergoing mild cases of dry eye syndrome, it’s imperative to use artificial tears, and other lubricating eye drops frequently. Most of the artificial tears have a high viscosity and are more gel-like that provide longer-lasting lubrication. But for obvious reasons, these drops are going to cause significant blurring of your vision right after you apply them.

Therefore, you shouldn’t use these drop during your work or perhaps before driving. Instead, these drops or artificial tears are meant to be applied only for bedtime use that’s it.

  • Restasis

While you are using the artificial tears, the eye specialist might recommend the daily use of prescription eye drop known as Restasis. This drop not only lubricates your eye but also reduces the inflammation associated with the dry eye syndrome. As per its chemical composition, it’s mean to produce more natural tears so that your eyes stay moist and healthy.

Inevitably, the therapeutic effect of Restasis won’t be immediate. So make sure you use these drops daily for at least 3 months to get the full benefits of this treatment. A huge fraction of people using Restasis have experienced burning eyes, but this is only for first few weeks.

  • Steroid Eye Drops

Keep in mind! The dry eye syndrome might lead to inflammation that further leads to the redness & burning. In many cases, it might be present without any visible signs. In that case, the artificial tears won’t be helpful, and the doctor might even recommend steroid eye drops in order to manage the underlying inflammation better. Therefore, the steroid eye drops are known to be the best treatment to quickly manage symptoms. These eye drops for dry eyes Dubai are mostly used in conjunction with artificial tears & Restasis.

Inevitably, it’s imperative to discuss your medical history with the eye doctor before starting the treatment of Steroids Eye Drops. Since there are many different types of steroids drop available, so the doctors recommend that you should start with the mild ones that can easily be degraded inside the eye.

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