Travel wardrobe without compromising

7 Smart Ways to Boost your Travel Wardrobe without Compromising Style

While packing for travel, one needs to be creative – avoid wardrobe fatigue by choosing your travel clothes wisely. You need not do that extra mile while packing stuff, especially clothes. By practicing some smart tricks like wearing neutrals or mix and match clothes, you can boost your travel wardrobe.

Check out these smart ways to boost your travel wardrobe. We are sure you won’t regret that favorite but thick furry jacket behind.

Purchase a plain t-shirt

If it is just one thing you learn today, be it this – a V-neck t-shirt looks savvy on travelers. Purchase a tailored, quality t-shirt (you can have more), it is truly indispensable. Mark our words, ‘tailored’ is an important feature as a baggy tee won’t do any good. Getting one that fits you well can be used as multi-purpose travel clothing – you can wear it tucked in your pencil skirt for a formal look (have a business meeting there? Your tee will save you!) or simply put it on with your denims for sightseeing. You can even wear those over shorts on a lazy beach day. For men, a well-tailored tee can work great – wear it under blazers. A tee takes less space and can be a savior in your travel wardrobe, no matter which place you are traveling in.

Put on reversible clothes

Having reversible clothes in your travel wardrobe not only makes it more colorful but allows you to opt different options, just with one garment. Look for clothes with neutral pattern on one side and bright patterns on the other. Girls can go for tank tops with different neckline options like the ones from Chvity. It will add versatility to your otherwise casual garment. Men can go for a reversible jacket – it looks great!

Befriend neutrals

When you can think of nothing to wear – wear neutrals. Pack the complete palette of your neutrals – black, white, grays and creams are basic colors for both summers and winters. Don’t stick only to solids, get a couple of bod stripes or subtle patterns too. Having this mix and match travel wardrobe will save you much space in the bag. Now you need not let go those souvenirs from India because of ‘no space’. Wait.

Pack some versatile footwear

All right, it is not important to pack every shoe and sandal you have got. It is best to pack the multipurpose shoes – the ones that can allow double or triple duty. It will keep your load light and allow you have space for other important stuff. Pack your ballet flats as that will be quite comfortable while you explore museums and also for that clubbing night. Another pair of shoes you can pack is the boots as they are perfect both for jeans and dresses. Invest in quality, solid soles shoes and sandals. You can use it multiple times and they supremely comfortable.

Get smart accessories

Girls out there, we know how important is packing accessories – ‘how can I not take my favorite scarf?’ Packing smart accessories might save you some space for that scarf. Keep the colorful, chunky necklaces in straight single strands (make sure they don’t tangled). Scarves are lightweight travel wear that boosts your travel outfits and also keeps you warm on flights. Do not pack one-off jewelry pieces instead pack those that can be worn multiple times (Oh, this also goes well with my black dress!)

Pack garments that can perform double duty

Smart explorers know the art of packing practical travel clothes – pick up the ones that can perform double duty first. What we intend to say is pack clothes that can be used multiple times without affecting your style statement. Some travel outfitters offers holiday-friendly and stylish clothes with side benefits like bug and sun protection.  

Feel inspired

We know we don’t always believe in taking advice from celebrities’ public behavior but their style statement is worth taking inspiration from. Didn’t you see those airport looks? The Internet is always exploding with these. There are several fashion reporters and bloggers who brief the travel styling which can help you a lot while packing for a particular destination. Packing for your India trip? First check out which clothes will go best with the Indian lifestyle. SO is the case with any other country.

Now that you have got these small ways to boost your travel wardrobe, hopefully your travel experience will take a positive turn – lightweight bags and varied clothing options in a new place. You can book your flights and start packing right away!

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