Cooking Gas Safety Tips for Homes

Cooking gas is the need of every house. Almost every household has an LPG connection and gas equipment. It makes cooking faster and convenient than conventional methods. However, LPG is a highly dangerous gas, and users need to use it with extreme caution and safety.

Every family that uses LPG for cooking needs to take care of the safety of their house and others. A leakage is dangerous to the user family as well as the neighbours and other people in the vicinity of a house. This post shares some cooking gas safety tips that every family needs to consider while using LPG.

Use only authorized gas equipment

It is essential to use the LPG equipment provided by your gas company or an authorised distributor. Do not purchase aftermarket equipment or accessories as they may not be compatible with each other. The equipment offered by the gas company is compatible with each other and work perfectly. Moreover, it is tested for working and comply with the safety regulations.

Maintain your LPG appliances

The LPG equipment needs regular maintenance for proper operation. Maintenance of equipment is essential for the safety of families and households. The gas stove, gas tube and regulator are very easy to maintain. All you need is to get the stove checked by a professional and replace the regulator and tube every six months.

Clean the stove and tube after use

The food particles on the stove and tube can invite the pests such as rats that can cut the pipe in an attempt to eat the food. This can lead to leakage of gas that is dangerous to life and property. Cleaning the stove and tube after use takes a few minutes but can save you from the potential dangers of leakage.

Do not try to install or fix a gas appliance yourself

Whenever you need to install or fix a gas appliance, it is essential to call a professional. The professionals have the necessary skills and experience to install and repair the gas equipment. They do it with perfection, and it saves you from the potential risks and accidents. Never try to install or fix gas equipment yourself as it can lead to a risk of leakage and accidents.

Gas cylinder delivery

Every homeowner should take care of a few things while taking the gas cylinder delivery. Check the cylinder for leakage of gas and make sure that it is in proper condition. You must check the barrel for any dents or signs of damage. In case of leakage, ask the delivery person to replace it with another cylinder.

Storing the cylinder

The proper storage of cylinder can save families from the potential dangers of cooking gas. You must store the gas cylinder at an adequately ventilated area. The kitchen should have windows, ventilator and an exhaust fan. Never store the barrel in a closed room, living room or bedroom. You can place it in the kitchen or in a verandah, patio or a secure outdoor area to minimize the risk of fire in case of gas leakage.

Switch off the regulator

Many people leave their regulator ON even when the gas is not in use. Leaving the regulator ON supplies the gas to the stove and any leakage in the tubes can lead to risk or fire. Every family must switch off the regulator after use as it cuts the supply of gas to the stove. In case, rats or rodents cut the pipe; the gas won’t leak and keep your family safe while you don’t use the gas equipment.

Leakage of gas

Despite proper care and caution, the cooking gas can leak due to any reason. So what you can do in case of unwanted leakage? The first step you need to take is to ask all the people in the house to go out of the building. Do not use any electrical switch or appliance as any spark can lead to a fire. Call a gas safety professional immediately. Make sure you don’t use your phone in the house. Open all the doors and windows and wait outside the house until the safety team arrives.

Install gas alarms

Gas alarms are the devices that detect the leakage of gas and give a loud beep. You can buy gas detector alarms from any electronics store for a few dollars. Install them in the kitchen and an area where you store the gas cylinders.

Final words

These were the gas safety tips you can use to keep your home safe. All these points are the small things that every family needs to consider for their safety. Taking care of the gas equipment, handling the cylinders properly, installing the gas detectors and creating awareness about gas safety can ensure the safety of families and properties. 

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