custom mattress sizes

How to Customize the Mattress Size according to Body Type

Mattresses are not the same for different users. People’s liking for a mattress depends on its features. Mattresses offer the same features and functionalities to all the users, but this doesn’t mean that all these features are appreciated by the users. Some people find sleeping on their back more comfortable while some people find sleeping on their side more comfortable. The design and size of a mattress are universal; they are not designed keeping in mind a single user who loves to sleep on his/her back. Hence, for proper comfort, you need to customize your mattress according to your size and requirements.

There are different types of mattresses available, and the custom mattress sizes will depend on the type you are choosing.

custom mattress sizes

Innerspring Mattresses:

These mattresses use spring coils to provide support to the sleeper. It is constructed using a basic pocket-coil system wrapped in fabric. They are cheaper as compared to other mattress types, and they can be easily customized according to your body size and height.

Memory Foam Mattresses:

Memory foam mattresses are probably the most talked-about mattress due to its incredible list of benefits it offers. They are known for relieving pressure points, retaining the body heat, and assisting in proper blood flow during sleep. Memory foam is a remarkable material, and it comes in different shaped and custom mattress sizes.

Latex Mattresses:

Latex mattresses are known for their bounciness, breathability, comfort, and responsiveness. They are composed of synthetic and natural latex to improve its features and longevity.

Hybrid Mattresses:

Hybrid mattress boasts the qualities of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses. That is, the coils are topped with the layers of foam, providing superior comfort.

The best part about all these mattresses is that they all are customizable and you can ask the manufacturer to construct a mattress according to your body type and size.

Customizing mattress size according to body type:

You need to understand that different mattress types offer different types of functionalities and regardless of the type you choose, your mattress should provide you with proper comfort.

  1. If you are lightweight or smaller:

If you and your partner are thin and don’t weigh much, you should go for softer mattresses. Heavy and firm mattress can put pressure on your joints, and you may also experience pin-and-needle kind of sensation when sleeping on firm mattresses.

2. If you weigh more:

You need to find a mattress that perfectly balances between firmness and softness. A hybrid mattress is a perfect option, as the coils will provide additional support to your body while the soft cushioning will ensure that your comfort is not compromised.

3. If you are tall

There are mattresses that come in XL versions. You can opt that. However, you have to ensure that the mattress type is of your preferred choice.

4. If you are pregnant

You need a mattress that’s a little on the softer side that can easily conform to your body shape. It will prevent putting extra pressure on your body.

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