how to workout the right way

How to Work out the Right Way to Get Better Results?

Many people often go to gyms with a stressed life, with tight schedules or with few hours of sleep. “Improve that routine, improve life and improve the result. That’s why, when they tell me that they want to grow more (at the muscular level), my questions are usually: Do you get enough rest? You eat well? Do you have a good training? “Says CuídatePlus Mikel Arce, graduated in Physical Activity & Sports Sciences and personal trainer.

“The muscles have a function and to achieve it what we have to do is work them. The core area (abdomen and lumbar area of ​​the back) needs stability, not mobility, as it is usually required. The exercise to be performed would be to withstand the external forces by staying stable, not moving the area again and again, “says Arce.

Recommendations for working muscles

This personal trainer gives a series of guidelines for working muscles more efficiently:

Repetitions and series

You have to create different routines with a repetition necessary to learn and improve the exercise done and touch different muscles and in different ways.

You have to work well each position and perform each of the repetitions well. If the posture is not adequate, the execution is not correct and the objective changes. You are looking for efficiency in that movement, so you want to do your best. Reaching a repeat without taking care of the forms is not appropriate.

Patience and discipline

The patience of knowing that you are not going to grow in a year everything that you undoubtedly had in mind. Discipline to maintain that goal despite adversity.

Do not hurry up

“Increase the muscle you get by breaking the muscle you have and creating more in that place. If you spend breaking it, you really break, and you have a serious injury. If you do it slowly, you progress in an adequate, planned, healthy way, and you will grow little by little, “says Arce.

Therefore, advise not to hurry. “You have to think long term and not to suddenly increase what you have, because, not only do you have to adapt the muscle to work in this way, but you also have to give time to the insertions of the muscles (to the tendons, bones and other muscles) to adapt to this new tension. That’s why it’s important to schedule the training. “

Basic progression to achieve definition

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport describes below an example of basic progression to define muscles.

First, we would have a time in which we would have to adapt to the burdens that are going to come. In this season we must learn the technique of the exercises (which we will never forget), move “little” weight and progressively adapt to series and repetitions. The volume here would be higher than in the steps that come, which will seek more intensity.

Then we could move to a second phase in which we would start to increase weights, to lower repetitions and to look for muscle congestion. Every phase of growth needs your rest, which depends, among other things, on the level of the athlete (genetics and experience) and your recovery. In this phase, there is a variety of exercises, combinations of series and repetitions, so many people stay here.

An example is a part where you perform neural work, and many do not work or do so thinking that by doing very few repetitions (one to five) they are working on something else. You have to have the baggage of years to be here and before you have to have worked in an isometric and eccentric way holding loads well (the first year is not usually work in this way).

At this moment, the mentality with which each one comes and what he or she knows or not about the subject and who advises him or her also usually comes out. According to Arce, “you can be lost among thousands of programs that are online or online. Ask for one someone prepared to guide you in that goal you want (better this second option, which will be more individualized and adapted to each). At least you do not have to move from one to the other. Each plan is created for an end, for a person. “

We do not all gain muscle mass in the same way

“There is a great part of genetics in very muscular bodies, although with work we can reach great and high goals. The first thing before differentiating between sexes would be to distinguish between types of bodies. Among the different types of the body, there are (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph) some are more suitable than others “.

The mesomorph and the endomorph gain muscle more easily than the ectomorph, which is more elongated and thin. But the mesomorph has a hard time burning, which would cost him the final phase of definition. Thus, as Arce says, each body should adapt to such strategies to get the best out of each one. To get even better result, you can also try injecting HGH Humatrope 72 iu. You might get the best quality hgh injections for sale online.

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