Is finding a girlfriend too hard? 3 practical tips to start off your dating story

It is a fact that in this fast paced, hyper connected world, many young men are loners, finding it difficult to get a girlfriend. Let us trace the reason for their inability to do so.

Is it that they are not putting enough effort or are shy to make their first move or are the girls becoming more choosy? Whatever the reason, there are some practical ways to boost your chances of landing a nice girlfriend.

Putting extra effort

Some men feel so let down after being rejected that they become captives of low esteem. Their introspection of their looks, career or some other self-loathing obstacles make them redundant in their search for a girlfriend. Hiding behind fake tinder accounts will not do good, you need to work on your confidence. Unfortunately, no one can understand your worth better than you.

Join a fitness club, a hobby class, an acting group, these activities will let you open and get connected with new, like-minded friends. However, you need to enjoy these sessions instead of faking things up as girls are aware of this subconsciously. Perhaps a dose of fresh air and a new act is all you need to revamp yourself in the girl circuit. It is true, attractive women are attracted to fit, athletic bodies.

Work on your personality, don’t let the fear of rejection overpower you. We all have our own flaws, accept it, there are always ways to work on them but this should not impact your subtle power. Self- confidence matters, as it resonates in your persona and creates the magical aura, girls look for. You need perseverance to get your act right but do not try hard instead be confident in who you are. Remember, if your request is turned down the first time, there is no harm in trying next week.

Get connected

Guys are very upfront after their first date and sound very flirty. Instead, get connected to her as a friend, know her well if you are looking for a meaningful relationship. In fact, women are attracted to men who understand them. They do not like male chauvinist so tone down your manliness and be empathetic to her needs.

Maintain eye contact, be honest in your communication, talk less and listen more, do not use curse words or bad mouth other people, this shows you in a bad light. Always be confident, dress neatly and smell good without overdoing it.

Take out time to join her in what she likes doing. You may not be a movie buff but come out of your comfortable zone to show how much you care. Go out for dinner and when you brush a lock of hair away from her face and lock eyes with her, you will have your girl’s heart in no time.

Sometimes you need a third party to provide the push

Girls are insecure and when you pretend to eye another girl in the ring, chances are that her jealous vibes will make her surrender to your charm. This will also let you know about her feelings towards you.

What better way to take your relationship to the next level than a lovemaking experience that unites the heart, mind and body?

However, when the time comes for performance, men are very nervous although they had their eyes set on bedroom action on the first day, they met her. It is true that you can become better with practice so why not experiment your moves with the realistic love doll. You can act out your fantasies and exercise your pelvic muscles. The sex dolls are made of high grade TPE material used in the medical industry. They look like artificial women from head to toe with human like skin and warmth. Their textured female organs make the experience so real that you may wonder the doll’s real existence.

So coming to an end, never worry about rejections, just keep trying and invest time and effort in building a connection. With time, you’ll grow better at understanding women, till then you have the love doll to entertain you but remember to keep it in a closet or your new date may freak out seeing your toy.

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