Porsche Maintenance Tips You Must Know

When someone says Porsche, you start visualizing the best of speed, handling, swank and timeless style. But hang on! How about maintenance?

Unquestionably, every vehicle needs regular maintenance & servicing for safe day-to-day transportation. In case you don’t take into account the cost of brakes, you might end up spending extra $200 a year on standard servicing for your Porsche. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s imperative to get your Porsche services every 10K miles.

Major servicing for luxury cars like Porsche can cost even more like $600 or even more that’s really cost-effective as compared to going in for emergency repairs. Here’re a few useful tips that’ll help you keep up with the optimum Porsche maintenance. So let’s dive in;

Get Premium Quality Parts

Make sure you beware of the cheap aftermarket materials like brake rotors, struts, sway bars, water pumps and spark plugs etc. These are not suited for Porsche maintenance & repairs as they aren’t designed for minimum weight but maximum performance.

It’s very much advisable to get along with brake pads approved by Porsche as they can stop quickly without producing large volumes of engine-clogging dust. If you use the Porsche approved repair parts, your Porsche will always perform to the driving standards.

Right Type of Oil

If you are a Porsche owner, you must fill the engine with the right type of engine oil. The auto mechanic will be able to recommend the right engine oil depending on the model & year. The older models are better off with the mineral-based oils whereas the modern engines need synthetic oil only.

If you own the turbocharged model, you’ll have to change the oil after every 5000 miles whereas the standard models work well up till 7000 miles.

Keep in mind! The cheaper oils will cause many problems with engine performance as well as functioning. So beware of that and get the premium quality engine oil for your Porsche.

Storing a Porsche

For instance; you are going abroad for a few weeks or maybe months. After getting done with all the essential stuff, another critical thing that you need to look at while is the place where it has to be stored.

Being the Porsche owner, you should always be mindful that is will be stored in a cool & dark place. The fuel tank must be filled, and it should be covered with the car cover. Honestly, a car cover is really a good investment if you really want to avoid long term Porsche repair.

The Porsche owner must get the car washed on a regular basis and still in case you come across any crack or scratches, make sure you consult with the reliable Porsche repair in Dubai. The reputable providers always have the best and specialized team for car body maintenance. Not only they’ll easily repair the car body while removing scratches & stains from your car but also they’ll give some recommendations to ensure the car’s longevity.

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