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The Benefits of Choosing Quality Signwriting for Business Signs

I got asked the other days if business signage was really necessary these days, given our growing love affair with all things digital. The answer is 100% YES!

Whilst more of us search for local businesses, products and services online now, traditional business signage still has a crucial role to play. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t also invest in digital marketing and signage; as business owners we need to be across both.

We also need to remember that any type of business marketing, from signs to LED signs to social media to our websites, needs to be consistent, well thought out and well executed. You will be judged!


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According to research, around 70% of consumers admit that they judge a business by its signage. Interestingly, both under-whelming and overwhelming signs score badly. Too flash, and consumers reckon you think too much of yourself; too bland/old/tatty, and they’ll think you don’t care.

When you’re looking for signwriters on the Sunshine Coast, choose a company that has history on the Coast, a good reputation, a skilled workforce and a wide range of options. Take a look at the type of work they do, for whom. If they range from understated traditional plaques for professional services, such as solicitors, to 3D architectural signs for big business, you’ve found the right one.

Despite the fact that you’ll find plenty of online adverts for business signage, finding quality signwriting for business signs is harder than you think. Bearing in mind they will be scrutinised by your (potential) customers, signage that looks as if it’s come off a production line won’t cut it.

Your signage is part of your brand and, as such, needs to reflect your products and your ethos, from the material your sign is made from to the colour and style of the font.

Benefits of Business Signage


At the very least your signage gives customers an indication of your location and products/services. They may have found you online and have an idea of where you are, but a physical sign confirms that information.


We know for a fact that quality signwriting for business signs can persuade a passer-by to make an impulse purchase. Whether they are driving or walking past, if a sign catches their eye, you could have a customer. And whilst that initial purchase may be small, if they like your store, they will most likely return, as well as telling other people about you. All because you had a sign out the front!


We humans are visual learners; the more we see something, the more likely we are to remember it. In which case, you want your brand to be seen at every opportunity. It’s crucial to keep your brand consistent, so it’s the same image people keep seeing.

Let’s say they’ve driven past your business and seen your sign. Then they see a newspaper or magazine advert with the same image. Next, they look online and come across your brand again. By now, your brand is secured in their mind and they are likely to use your services.


Your business signage is like an extra staff member; it’s your marketing manager and top salesperson all rolled into one, working 24/7 and never complaining! This is particular true of LED signs and vehicle wraps.

So, what type of business signage works best? Good signwriters on the Sunshine Coast should be able to offer you a wide choice, with something to suit every need and every budget. If you want your signage to really stand out, look for a signage company that also specialises in laser cutting and plastics. They will have the tools and the expertise to create very unique signs out of a wide range of materials.

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Quality Signwriting for Business Signs

Laser cut signs are modern and stylish with clean lines and clear font. They are also very cost effective. Laser cutting can be used on a range of materials, including wood, glass, metal and plastic. It will also be useful if your business needs additional services, such as safety signage.

If you’re looking at a longer-term investment, take a look at the latest LED signs. Be sure to choose those produced specifically for use in Australia, as these are designed to stand up to our tough climate.

LED signage is the future of signage, due to its amazing ROI, compatibility with social media and versatility. It is also very cheap to run, and you can quite literally change your message daily!

However, for smaller businesses, LED signs can be too costly and unnecessary. If that’s the case, have a chat with signwriters on the Sunshine Coast to see what they can create just for you. The main aim is to stand out, be noticed and make an excellent first impression.

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