Break the tradition with a red dress and atheist husband

Change the perception of being the traditional bride by being the most outstanding one. You are about to marry an atheist after all! Wait, but how are you going to do that? well, that is simple really. Break away from the cultural traditions and embrace the ruby red wedding dress for your marriage!

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Cultural Norms

Traditionally it was expected for the would-be brides to go down the church archway carrying a bouquet of flowers and decked up all in white. But, those days are gone now and keeping that in mind, why not change the normal perception that people have about you?

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Marrying someone who is an atheist can be challenging as they question everything from the god’s existence to the worldly purposes. But they can be the most liberal people that you meet anywhere in the world. And after all that is why you had fallen in love head over heels with your dear would be husband. Now as the going to be a bride of an atheist there are certain grounds that you do have to hold on to. If you are going to question why that is necessary, then the assorted reason for such is that you are getting married so, the choices and the decoration must include whatever you both agree upon.

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The red theme

If you are not going to be hosting a traditional wedding then there are many other options to opt from and depicting the theme through your wedding is very easy as well. All of this requires prior planning and idea so that you can choose the proper vendors to create this magical day. Now, as you are going to focus mainly on the primal characters then there will be many factors that you have to keep an idea on. And the first one is of choosing a theme.

Your wedding is going to be a huge factor where you will have to choose the theme wisely. Depending o this theme you will be continuing the research, the decor and the cuisine.

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Now the thematic wedding is a bit of a  challenge to many couples as there is a lot of particular investments that come off as expensive. So keeping that in mind, the basic rule that you have to follow absolutely is the fact that there will be many easy themes as well such as the color theme. Have not thought about it have you? Well, yes, the color this is a brilliant option for couples who do not believe in the nuptial agreement made through a religious ceremony. In fact, the ideal way to follow through with the theme is very basic an simple. Everyone gets to choose their own color that they wish to dress in and that way everyone is happy. There is hardly any requirement for conflicts for everyone is having their own say at the wedding. But, you, also have to set on some ground rules that you have to pass off in the instructions.

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Laying some ground rules

For example, if you are sure that you are going to defy the traditions then go along with the ruby red wedding dress. So the ruby red color is specifically assigned for the bride. Now as for the bridesmaids, you can choose another shade of red or if you are more firm on the color red being your color for the day then shift to some other color. Also, in the invitations, you can direct people to wear certain shades or any shade expect red. That way no one is going to show up at the wedding dressed in red or ruby red for that matter.

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Similarly your significant other gets to wear the color of his choice! Also, as the theme is open to the various possibilities of color combination, you can order the most colorful cuisine of your choice!

It is your day after all, so why not live it to the fullest?

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