How to Heal After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The thought of getting a wisdom tooth removed is probably one of the scariest things. When your dentist says that the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, one only shudders and makes all types of excuses to postpone it.

But the major reasons to require a wisdom tooth extraction are that they could be incorrectly positioned, there could be a manifestation of a cyst or the onset of an infection. This causes crowding of the teeth leading to damage of other teeth as well as immense pain. A dentist will recommend a tooth extraction typically in the late teens or early twenties to avoid further complications and stop the pain.

recover after wisdom tooth extraction

This article covers the recovery cycle of a wisdom tooth extraction.

How Long Does it Take to Recover Completely?

While it varies from patient to patient, complete recovery generally takes up to two weeks. The process is gradual but also varies if there is any type of complication during the procedure itself. Blood clots start forming within twenty-four hours. The bruising and swelling in the affected area starts decreasing after two to three days.

If the dentist has given a stitch or two, it will take at least a week to remove the stitches. Within 10 to 12 days the stiffness and soreness will come down significantly. In most cases, patients will see a small daily improvement. Residual infection can cause the recovery to take longer.

Speeding up the Healing Process

It is very crucial to take extra care, especially in the first 24 hours. For the first 45 minutes to an hour, the patient should clamp down on a piece of gauze. This helps to initiate the clotting process.

The patient should avoid brushing near the extraction site, as it might remove the blood clots already formed. The antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by the doctor will help alleviate the pain. Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash is also recommended.

The use of an ice pack on the cheek can help reduce the swelling and reduce pain initially, once the anesthesia wears off. An ice pack can be used intermittently for ten to fifteen minutes after the surgery.

Foods to Safely Eat After Surgery

* Soft puddings
* Vegetable soups (At room temperature)
* Mashed fruits like melon and bananas
* Boiled eggs
* Ice Cream
* Milk Shakes or Smoothies

Foods to Avoid Eating After Surgery

* Meat products, as fibres could get stuck causing an infection
* Crispy foods like biscuits and crackers
* Hot liquids and beverages

Consumption of liquor and smoking should be avoided at all costs, for at least up to a week.

With the advances in dental techniques and medication, one does not have to look at a wisdom tooth extraction like a trauma. Pain can be considerably reduced and healing time made much faster.

Visiting a seasoned dentist at a dental clinic like OC Max Surgery Center in Orange County can help make this surgery better. They specialize in the complex treatment of oral surgery and dental implants and help to avoid unnecessary complications.

Key Takeaway

To finalize do keep in mind a few things. Wisdom tooth extraction is now considered an uncomplicated operation. A little bit of pain and discomfort that follows the removal is just a part of the healing process, but with the right care and proper medical advice, there is nothing to it.

Despite the best treatment if any complications do arise, like severe bleeding or intense throbbing pain, it is best to visit your dentist and to avoid self-medication of any type- plan on taking it easy for a couple of days and relax.

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