Jump-Start Your Bathroom Renovation with these Hot 6 Trends of Bathroom Vanities

When you are thinking of retouching your bathroom all over again, you have to keep in mind that the job will be quite challenging. You cannot change the look and feel of the whole place without changing some major things about it. That is why you must plan meticulously. When it comes to renovating the bathroom, the most important thing that you have to do is drawing the line between what you need to change and what you need to leave untouched.

When you are planning the interior of the bathroom, it is obvious that you must never touch the tiles and the plumbing until and unless these parts are grossly destroyed and in need of complete change. When these parts are not affected and you just have to change the other things of your bathroom, then it is better that you think of replacing the most prominent thing in the whole bathroom, the bathroom vanity.

Why Replacing the Vanity is a Good Idea

When you are selecting a bathroom vanity for your space, it is necessary that you understand why it is necessary. No, to the contrary of what you think, the bathroom vanity is not just needed for storing your things and make the space look organized. Bathroom vanities are also responsible too for the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. And for that, it is necessary that you just not think about the shelving when you are buying one. Think of the appearance too. So, for that, here are a few hot trends that you must keep in mind while you are shopping for one to start the bathroom renovation. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Paint in Black

Are you planning to make a bold statement when you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom interior? If yes, then you can paint the vanity in complete black. Why? The color itself is a bold one and it is painted on the hardwood, it typically makes the vanity way more attractive and bold looking. So, to create a quite heavy statement look in your kitchen, make sure you are using this color its full capacity.

Floating Style

Do you have a small bathroom? If yes, then the more floor space is necessary for your bathroom. So, when you are thinking of making it look spacious or add up to the illusion of space, then it is necessary that you think of installing the floating cabinets so that you can find more space than ever on the floor. This is also a visually extremely modern style that will ultimately make your bathroom look refreshing.

Vintage Touch

Are you planning to make the space look sophisticated while the vanity becomes the focal point in the bathroom? If yes, then look for a statement piece. There are many stores that can provide you with vintage cabinet vanity that will help you make the bathroom look extremely glamorous while adding up to the value of it. Such fixtures are timeless and no matter what your décor scheme is, it can play the role of being the antique in your bathroom which will reflect your elegant choice.

Bowl Topped

If you are installing a vanity, then you surely have to think of how your sink will be like. For that, you can think of the different types of sinks that you can install. For example, if you are looking for the most modern type of sink in your bathroom, it will be better to go for the bowl topped ones. These sinks are classy, quirky and quite modern. So, when you are looking for ways to perk up the glam quotient of your bathroom, it will surely do the trick for you.

Old Statement Piece

A versatile piece of vanity can be a perfect added piece in your bathroom. For example, if you are thinking of creating a bathroom that will be an extension of your personality and you are in no dearth of money to add some luxurious touch in your bathroom, then you can be rest assured, your statement piece can do the job for you. Yes, you can use some more shelves in the old furniture piece and add it to the bathroom décor so that the old piece of furniture will become the perfect attraction in your bathroom.

Natural Warm Tone

If you are aiming to create a timeless bathroom, then it is better that you think of adding some natural earthy tone and texture. Yes, the grainy texture and naturally red, brown or golden hue can be the best option for a timeless bathroom interior. Natural tone can make the bathroom look glamorous while used for the material for a bathroom vanity. So, now as you know about trends, what are you waiting for? Are you worried about the pocket pinch? If yes, then don’t worry at all. There are many suppliers who offer discount bathroom vanities that will suit your needs. So, rush to the nearest reputed store and order your vanity today.

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