differences between forged and stamped knives

The Main Differences Between Forged and Stamped Knives

Knives are an essential part of every kitchen. Forged and Stamped knives are the two types of knives that are generally used in the kitchens. However, only a few people know the difference between forged and stamped knives. Both the knives are made in different ways, which results in the distinctions between the two. To clear the confusion between the two products, we discuss the difference between forged knives and stamped knives.

Difference in Manufacturing:

There are a lot of manufacturing differences between forged and stamped knives. The method of stainless steel forging is used in manufacturing forged knives. A single bar of steel is heated and beaten into shape. The forged knife is pounded into shape either by expert craftsmen or machine. When it comes to a stamped knife, it is cut out from a large sheet of steel, honed and treated with heat for durability. A forged knife is heavier than a stamped knife.

Characteristics Difference Between Forged and Stamped Knife:

Forged knives are thicker than stamped knives. Some of the knives come with a full tang that runs all the way through the knife. Forged knives also come with a bolster in the middle, which adds to the weight and balances the knife. Pounding and hammering the knives help in re-arranging the molecules of a forged knife, which makes it harder and stronger. This is the reason why forged knives have a longer edge than a stamped knife.

Stamped knives, however, are more flexible than forged knives as a result of their thinness. Stamped knives are also lightweight and don’t have a bolster. In addition, stamped knives are also more affordable than forged knives. Stamped knives can also be difficult to sharpen as these are too flexible as compared to forged knives.

Difference in Quality:

The process of making forged knives is more expensive than stamped knives. In addition, forged knives are more labour-intensive than making a stamped knife. This is the reason why forged knives have better quality and are more comfortable to use than stamped knives. However, some of the high quality stamped knives available in the market are also of good and durable quality. In fact, some of the knives use a combination of forging and stamping during the manufacturing process.

Which Knife Do you Need to Buy?

When choosing a knife you need the first point that you need to consider is whether you are comfortable when using it. Forged knives are weighty, which is the reason why these are easy to balance. A stamped knife is light-weight, which is the reason why it is easy to use for some people.

When it comes to the durability, it is important to find out about the knife’s ability to hold an edge. Forged knives are harder and have better blade retention than some of the stamped knives. Considering the features mentioned above, it is safe to say that forged knives are a better option than stamped knives. Whether it is the balance, durability or weight, forged knives always have an upper hand than stamped knives.

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