What Should You Build First- A mobile App or a Website for Your Travel Start-Up?

Website or a mobile app- what would be the best choice for your travel start-up? Although, it has been evident that having a website proves the authenticity of your business, it is the mobile apps that have the ability to reach potential customers. Since the inception of mobile, it has totally changed the way of how we used to live our life and smartphones are undoubtedly a boon to mankind in many aspects. Everyone is treating the mobile as a gold digger in terms of business. If you are planning to start a travel agency, you will be overwhelmed by the array of choices and at the same time the millennial question arises that whether to invest on a mobile app or a website to run a business.

The world has experienced tremendous evaluation of technology throughout the years and this process will continue to do the same in future too. We can see the impacts of technology in every sphere of life and global commercial sector is no exception. Every industry, every business somehow or the other is thriving towards utilizing advanced high-tech solutions to scale-up their business growth. The travel industry is one such industry that has flourished at a bombarding speed and the credit goes to .

As the norm says, technology has been evolved to minimize human workforce and labor. So, in contemporary time, everyone wants a technology solution which is time-consuming and need less labor. The first and foremost thing you need to do is how to attract customers. There are various ways to cater attention and among them having a mobile app is the best marketing solution. So, how about a place in Google Play Store or Apple App Store? But as I said earlier, a website proves the authenticity of your business. So, here we will look into the reasoning behind the decision between the two options.

What is your product goal?

You are about to launch a travel business, which is already overcrowded. But still if you are investing in the market, you must have specific business goals in mind, apart from merely earning profits and changing the world. Research the market and the latest trends and demands and validate the idea of your offerings.

Which is convenient?

Nowadays, the world is fast paced and millennial users don’t like to spend more time on a slow platform. No doubt, mobile apps are faster than the website, but it takes a little long time during installation. If the user has no time to invest, he will prefer a website to get his required results instantly.

Which is more accessible?

We all know that mobile apps are more interactive. People use smart phones more as it comes handy and thus they prefer getting direct access to the apps they have installed earlier to purchase any product or service. Also, mobile app or website must have user-friendly features, otherwise it can only annoy the user.

Which is cost-effective?

Making both mobile-friendly and user-friendly website is costlier than making a website in many cases. Mobile apps also have device dependency, so you have to choose for which platform you want a mobile app like android, iOS or windows. If you wish to gather more clients, you cannot stick to just one single device, you must develop an app that can run on any device smoothly.

Your business module needs to be updated along with the time. Business type hasn’t changed, but the way of running your business has changed. Unless you are a mobile-friendly start-up, it is better to develop a website. Whether you want to develop a mobile app or a website, your travel portal development company must build you a portal that is well-equipped and well-integrated with dynamic creation of packages and features to lure the clients.

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