My HP Printer is Offline, How Do I Get My Printer Online?

HP Printer Support Phone Number

HP Printers are very effective in providing high-quality outputs along with great speed. But you will not be able to print if your printer is offline. The printer needs to be online in order to be able to print documents. If your HP printer is offline and you need to bring it back online, you can give a call at the HP printer support phone number.

Printers work offline when they are not able to communicate with the computer so as to read and print the document. There is no hard drive with the printer and it will not print without viewing the document. To bring the printer online, it needs to be connected to a network connection. The technicians available at HP printer phone number will help you to bring the printer online.

To get your HP printer online, go through these steps:

  1. First, you have to connect the printer to the same network as your computer.
  2. From the printer menu, you can access the available Wi-Fi networks and select the same network to which the computer is connected. \
  3. Now, check if the printer is showing online and click on ‘Print’ on the document. This will send the document to the print queue and will begin the printing.

For issues, while printing online, you can make a call at the HP customer support number for professional help.

You can also connect the printer through Ethernet as follows:

  1. Plug the hard-line cord into your internet port and the printer will start showing online.
  2. If you are working through a basic network without a firewall, press Print on the document and select your HP printer.

To get your printer online, make sure you have an appropriate driver installed for your HP printer. For further issues or queries related to your HP printer, don’t forget to call at the HP customer service number where our expert technicians will assist you in the most effective manner. The round the clock tech support system makes it easier to fix issues with your HP printer.

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